About PSG

Performance Sponsorship Group is a focused, professional firm that provides strategic sponsorship counsel to municipalities, towns, cities, publicly funded institutions and entertainment venues.

Judy Haber, Senior Partner

Judy Haber is the founder, CEO and President of Performance Sponsorship Group (PSG). She is one of the most successful Sponsorship Specialists in Canada. She started her career in 1990 pricing, packaging, and selling event sponsorships. She then segued into Municipal sponsorship in 1996 when she identified Hummingbird as the Naming Rights partner for the former O’Keefe Centre.

Fully conversant with all the marketing principles that affect sales, Haber has worked with organizations that include:  

  • The Canadian Museum of Civilization
  • Canlan Ice Sports
  • City of Martensville and Recreation Centre
  • Vale Health and Wellness Centre
  • Credit Union Sports and Entertainment Centre
  • East County Performing Arts Center
  • The Edge School and Jim Davidson Sports Complex
  • EPCOR Centre for the Performing Arts
  • Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Kinesiology University of Calgary
  • Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art
  • Grant MacEwan University
  • Museum Victoria
  • The Shaw Centre
  • TCU Place – Saskatoon’s Arts and Convention Centre
  • The Toronto Reference Library Foundation
We promise our clients:
  • access to our network of full-service specialists
  • practical, professional counsel based on a candid analysis of the property and the market environment
  • sound project management built from pragmatic goals and realistic timelines
  • regular, candid communications about the project and its status, and clear information that allows the client to field questions from their own stakeholders accurately, intelligently and in a timely fashion;
  • consistent, knowledgeable contact with one project manager, without fear of being passed off to a different manager in the middle of the project.
Wide Network of Full Service Associates

Representing experience, leadership, and integrity, the PSG team is committed to being informed and knowledgeable – not just about each of its projects, but also about new trends and innovations in strategic sponsorship design and sales. And with a wide network of full-service partners in media consultants, fundraising counsel, graphic design, and marketing promotions, PSG has access to highly-qualified professionals who share the company’s commitment to exceptional standards.